Who We Are

The Indian Valley Community Services District supplies water and sewer services to the communities of Greenville, Taylorsville, and Crescent Mills, California. In the Beautiful Indian Valley of Plumas County!
These communities own this sytem of utilities and it benefits all of us.
We strive to provide the very best in service and with your support will continue to do so.
Thanks So Much!
It takes very hard work from a few to keep clean water flowing to many! Thanks to those that dedicate themselves to such work.

What We Do

The Community Services District (CSD) serves as the local government for Indian Valley. It is similar to a city government, supplying such services as fire protection, fresh water, street lighting, wastewater treatment, ambulance, and recreational facilities. The CSD exists under California law governing special districts (Government Code, Sec 61000 et seq).
"To provide and manage the necessary services for our communities health, safety, well being, and prosperity."
The Standing Committees now have set of pages dedicated to each of them and ‚ÄčAgendas can be obtained for each of them on their specific pages. More information will be posted to these pages soon. The Best way to get involved and contribute is through the Standing Committees!

Latest News

September 2015

Our Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at ‚Äč6:30 p.m. at the Geenville Community Town Hall, 120 Bidwell Street, Greenville, California 95947 Due to the busier than normal agenda for this month, the meeting will not be held at the Taylorsville Fire Hall until October 8, 2015. Chris Gallagher will be the Board Clerk for this month's meeting. Please report any leaks in your area as soon as possible. The board packets will be posted here on the Friday before the board meeting.
 Payments can be mailed to the district at P.O. Box 899, Greenville, California. 95947
Catch up with us on Facebook too, where links to meetings and audio recordings are usually promoted as well.

October 2015

October 14, 2015 the regular meeting of the Board of Directors is at the Indian Valley Museum Meeting Room, Cemetery Street, Taylorsville, California 95983, at 6:30 p.m. Remember all board meetings are audio recorded. Look for the board packet the Friday before the meeting, so you can print a copy before the meeting. The Facebook page will contain links to the website information too, so go and give the Facebook page a "Like" if you can. California is still in an emergency water situation and it is asked that we all conserve water when possible, and check for leaks.http://saveourwater.com/ Thanks So Much! Remember that credit/debit card payments are accepted by phone: 530.284.7224 to make a payment.