Clean Fresh Water

Fresh Water Services:
The IVCSD supplies the communities of Indian Valley, California with fresh, clean drinking water.
The fresh water system for the town of Greenville is made up of Round Valley Reservoir, commercial wells, a water treatment plant with a 720,000 gallon storage tank, and 6 miles of delivery mains, all monitored and maintained by the CSD's Water Department. Additionally, residents of Crescent Mills are served by their own system which is made up of a spring, a treatment plant, and a 231,000 gallon storage tank, as well as distribution mains. Both systems provide clean fresh water for all residents as well as for all amenities. Each lot is metered, and monthly billings are made according to water usage.

Waste Water Treatment

Sewer and Waste Water Treatment:
The IVCSD continues to handle sewer and waste water from the communities by way of evaporation ponds.
The IVCSD provides wastewater treatment at its facilities in Taylorsville and Greenville. These systems are serviced by the IVCSD maintenance staff. Fees are charged to support regular operations, maintenance, state fees, and regulations.
The Taylorsville system serves 95 users and is a community leach field. There are two pumps in the system and approximately 5 miles of collection mains.
These sewer systems are staffed by 1.5 full-time employees. These services are paid for through user fees.
The Indian Valley CSD provides sewer service for the communities of Greenville and Taylorsville. The Greenville system is made up of 570 Equivalent Dwelling units, 11 miles of collection mains, 5 pumping stations with average daily loads of 300,000 gallons, 29 acres of lagoons, and 170 manholes.
Greenville Sewer was initially built in 1959. The majority of the collection system is made of old cracked clay pipe. This broken pipe contributes to the excessive flows in the wintertime. The IVCSD is planning for the replacement of this obsolescent sewer system.

Fire Prevention and Protection

Fire Protection:
The Indian Valley Fire Department provides fire protection and rescue services to the residents of Indian Valley and Genesee. The Fire Department consists of volunteers overseen by a paid Chief. There are 4 fire stations located strategically throughout the valley,(Greenville, North Arm, Taylorsville, and Genesee). The Fire Department is supported solely through property taxes and private donations.

Recreational Services

Recreation and Parks:
Recreational Activities are important to us here at the IVCSD. The Greenville Community Park, Chuck Clay Park,(IVCSD Operated), and Indian Valley Community Pool,(IVRPD Operated). These places of leisure and enjoyment are important to all of us in these communities, and we strive to make improvements each year to these facilities, so that the kids can play ball and the adults can enjoy a BBQ or Family gathering. We're lucky to have such nice green parks even if we are surrounded by lush green forests.

Lighting and Safety

Street Lighting

The IVCSD is responsible for providing street lighting for both Greenville and Taylorsville.