Board of Directors


A five-member Board of Directors conducts the business of the District. The Directors are elected to a staggered 4-year term system, by voters registered in Indian Valley. Board meetings are held OPEN to the public every second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at the Greenville IVCSD Office Bldg. 127 Crescent Street, Suite #1, Greenville, California. Proceedings follow an agenda, which is published in numerous spots for public review 72 hours before the meeting, mostly at the various post office buildings, the IVCSD office window, and as required on the building where the meeting is being held. Electronic delivery of board packets is available. Contact us through this website and register if you want electronic delivery of agendas and packets:

Currently the Board of Directors are:

Bob Orange: Director, Appointed November 13, 2018. Holds Office Until December 2023
Lee Anne Schramel: Director, Elected December 5, 2017.  Holds Office Until December 2021
Mina Admire: Chairperson, Elected December 5, 2017. Holds Office Until December 2021 
Wayne Dannemiller: Vice Chairperson, Elected December 5, 2017. Holds Office Until December 2021

 If you wish to send an e-mail to any of the directors you can use the contact us button this website or send your e-mail to: